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United States Government Information: Presidential Resources

This guide provides access to a selection of resources for current and historical public policy and consumer information issued by U.S. government agencies and private publishers. The University of Iowa is a Federal Depository Library.

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President of the Month




The featured President for June of 2023 is Warren G. Harding (b.Nov. 2, 1865-d.Aug.2,1923) the 29th President of the United States. He served only one term and died in office, succeeded by Calvin Coolidge. Born in Blooming Grove, Ohio and moved to Caledonia, Ohio as a youth. Before entering politics, he had a career in journalism and owned the Marion Star newspaper in Marion Ohio. Harding entered politics and became a State Senator, then a U.S. Senator, and finally was elected president on the Republican ticket in 1920. He was popular when in office, but after his death his career was tarnished by Teapot Dome and an extramarital affair.

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