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RHETORIC: I-Search Assignment

This guide was developed in collaboration with Rhetoric TA Kaden St. Onge during the spring 2022 semester. The guide provide process based guidance and resource suggestions to support students' I-Search paper research.

Schedule a Research Appointment With a Librarian

Did you know you can meet with a librarian (for free) and get assistance with your research? You can!  Did you know that your professors and instructors encourage you to do so? They do! You can utilize our research consultation service as frequently as you need, and we welcome repeat visitors! 

One 30-minute research consultation with a librarian can help you: 

  • Locate relevant and reliable resources for research projects and class assignments 
  • Identify scholarly and popular sources
  • Refine and revise research topics and questions
  • Learn how to search the UI Libraries' InfoHawk+ catalog, databases, and other resources 
  • And, more! 

For Rhetoric students preferring an evening appointment, 5-9pm Sunday through Thursday: 

For all other students, faculty, and staff wanting to schedule an appointment 9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday

Ask a quick question

Librarians are available via live anonymous chat M-F, 9am - 5pm. 

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