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Civic Engagement: Election statistics

Research databases


U.S. Government Information

Finding authoritative and comprehensive statistical resources about elections can be challenging.  Many local newspapers carry current election information, yet rarely cover comprehensive, historical data.  So where is a researcher to go?  Well it depends upon the kind of data you need.  Every statistic should be considered as to where is the best authority to collect that data?  Is it a governmental body or a not-for-profit or a corporation/commercial business?  Here are some sites which carry election information.

  1. U.S. Senate, Introduction, Statistics & Lists provides links to a variety of historical Congressional research and electoral information provided by the Senate Library's Virtual Reference Desk.
  2. The Office of the Historian, U.S. House of Representatives, provides a wonderful site of the House as an Institution which gives the public resources including election statistics, Electoral College data, milestones, etc.
  3. The Library of Congress also has a detailed research guide introducing the average person to elections in the United States.
  4. For a compilation of resources on election statistics, visit's site on Voting and Election History.
  5. Of course, the authoritative site for U.S. elections is the Federal Election Commission.
  6. National Archives also keeps records of Electoral College election results.