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For Rhetoric Instructors

Collaborate with a Librarian

What do picking a research topic, formatting a bibliography, evaluating resources, and understanding algorithmic bias in Google search results have in common? They are all aspects of information literacy. Working with a librarian can help you integrate information literacy concepts throughout an assignment or throughout your course. 

Request a Library Instruction Session

Librarians are available to consult with you on a variety of topics to support your teaching, and to support your own research needs and interests.

We can help with: 

  • information literacy instruction - both inside and outside the classroom
  • assignment design - to creatively problem-solve with you on how to address information challenges faced by your students
  • recommended resources to complement your assignment - often taking the shape of an online guide that can be integrated into your course's web presence

Use this form to contact us and start the collaboration today!

For more information, please contact Katie Hassman, your an Undergraduate Engagement Librarian Liaision:


If you have a special topic for your Rhetoric section, you may want to work with a Subject Specialist.

Please add the student Rhetoric Guide to your ICON site or put a link to it on your syllabus: