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History of the LNACC: LNACC Today

ALMA Executive Board 2015-2016

Native American Student Association

Students gather for a movie screening at the LNACC on the life of Cesar Chavez - 2011

Cultural Festival NASA



Latino organizations at the University of Iowa are experiencing an exciting time of change, as the Latino population begins historic growth in Iowa. The Latino staff, students, community, and faculty at Iowa have come together to create a community here on campus.

Throughout the academic year events are planned that bring the community and the greater university together to celebrate our cultures, educate the community, and promote higher education to the prospective student.

Recent activities held at the LNACC include Admission’s Day visits, Powwow, Day of the Dead presentations, Holiday Tamalada (tamale-making event), Latinos in Action Week group meetings, as well as weekly and monthly student group meetings of the Native American Student Association (NASA), the Latino Law Association, Latina/o Graduate Student Association, Sigma Lambda Beta, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, and the Association of Latinos Moving Ahead (ALMA).

Dia De Los Muertos event, November 2009.

Tamalada (tamale-making event) at LNACC sponsored by the Latino Council.


Making Papel Picado