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Linking to Full-Text Articles for Course Pages: Persistent URLs

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About Persistent URLs

Some publishers provide what is known as a “persistent link,” a consistent URL that will link directly to the article.


Example 1: CINAHL Plus

CINAHL Plus provides a “Permalink” in their citation information once you click on the title. Notice that the proxy is already included, thus automatically allowing for off-campus access.,cookie,uid,url&db=jlh&AN=2009805214&loginpage=Login.asp&site=ehost-live

Example 3: Ovid

Ovid provides DOI for their articles, but if that proves problematic another option is something they call "Email Jumpstart." Right-click the Email Jumpstart link and copy the URL. For off-campus access, add

Need Help?

If you are trying to link to an article and none of the methods in this guide work for you, or if you have questions, please contact your Hardin departmental liaison for further assistance.

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