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UI Presidential Portrait Gallery: Home

Welcome to the Resource Guide for the Presidential Portrait Gallery

This guide serves as a resource for learning about and engaging with the UI Presidential Portrait Gallery. The gallery is located on the fifth floor of the Main Library at the University of Iowa. To read more about the gallery visit the website:

On the Home page you'll find pictures and information about each of the UI Presidents, read books about University history, and explore resources from the University Archives.

Under the Explorations tab, you will find more ways to activate your curiosity about the University of Iowa's history. Use the interactive map of campus to identify each President's legacy by discovering buildings named after them. Read the digitized Daily Iowan going back to 1868. Search the library for resources related to issues of representation and diversity in higher education. Explore what was going on at the University during each president's tenure; what issues were UI students dealing with in 1960? 

As you look through this guide and visit the UI Presidential Portrait Gallery, think about the following: 

  • Do you see yourselves here?
  • Who is missing from these walls? 
  • Who are the people most represented in the history of colleges and universities?
  • What were the significant events in U.S. history during each president's tenure?

Portraits of the Presidents

University of Iowa history

Leaders and Pioneers at the University of Iowa - University website

Books from the University Libraries:

Reflections from College Presidents from Other Institutions