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String Resources: Cello

Cello Resources

Cello Scores and Methods Books in the Library

M 50-54.3 Collections and separate works
Duets, cello and piano
M 229   Miscellaneous collections
M 230 Separate works (original and arrangements)
M 231 Sonatas
M 232 Suites and cyclical works
M 233 Pieces
M 235 Collections and arrangements
M 236 Arrangements of separate works
Solo cello with orchestra
M 1016 Scores, full and reduced and arrangements for reduced orchestra
M 1016.5 Cadenzas
M 1017 Solo(s) with piano reduction
Solo cello with string orchestra
M 1116 Scores, full and reduced and arrangements for reduced orchestra
M 1116.5 Cadenzas
M 1117 Solo(s) with piano reduction
Chamber Music for Strings (two or more string instruments)*
M 286-287  Duets
M 349-353 Trios
M 450-454 Quartets
M 550-554   Quintets
M 650-654 Sextets
M 750-754 Septets
M 850-854 Octets
Chamber Music for Strings and Piano*
M 310-314 Trios, two strings and piano
M 410-414 Quartets, three strings and piano
M 510-514 Quintets, four strings and piano
M 610-614 Sextets, five strings and piano
M 710-714 Septets, six strings and piano
M 810-814 Octets, seven strings and piano
Chamber Music for Strings and Winds*
M 290-291 Duets, one string and one wind
M 360-364 Trios
M 460-464 Quartets
M 560-564 Quintets
M 660-664 Sextets
M 760-764 Septets
M 860-864 Octets
Chamber Music for Strings and Plectrals*
M 294-295 Duets, one string and one plectral
M 370-374 Trios
M 470-474 Quartets
M 570-574 Quintets
M 670-674 Sextets
M 770-774 Septets
M 870-874 Octets
Methods Books and Orchestral Excerpts
MT 259   Combined Strings
MT 300 General
MT 302 Systems and methods
MT 305 General studies and exercises
MT 306 Orchestral studies
MT 307 Bowing techniques
MT 308 Positions
MT 309 Chording techniques
MT 310 Other special techniques
MT 312 Two cellos, studies and exercises
MT 314 Teaching pieces
MT 315 Instructive editions by several composers
MT 317 Instructive editions by one composer
MT 318 Self-instructors

Books about the Cello

You'll find books about the cello in the ML 910s.

Also, search for the name of the instrument in its full form, violoncello, for additional results.

Here are some of the more recent books we've added to that part of the collection.