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Rita Benton Music Library

Percussion Resources: Percussion

Percussion Resources

Percussion Scores and Methods Books in the Library

M 146   Drums, including timpani, drum set, side drum, and works for one percussionist  playing two or more percussion instruments
M 147 Bells
M 175 .X6 Xylophone, marimba, vibraharp, vibraphone
Duets, percussion and piano
M 284 .B4
M 285 .B4 
Bells (collections)
Bells (separates)
M 284 .C94
M 285 .C94
Cymbals (collections)
Cymbals (separates)
M 284 .D8
M 285 .D8
Drum (collections)
Drum (separates)
M 284 .G65
M 284 .G65
Glockenspiel (collections)
Glockenspiel (separates)
M 284 .P4
M 285 .P4
Percussion (collections)
Percussion (separates)
M 284 .T5
M 285 .T5
Timpani (collections)
Timpani (separates)
M 284 .X9
M 285 .X9
Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone (collections)
Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone (separates)
Solo percussion with orchestra
M 1038 Scores, full
M 1039 Scores, piano reduction
M 1039.4 .X9 Xylophone with orchestra
Solo percussion with string orchestra
M 1138 Scores, full
M 1139 Scores, piano reduction
Methods Books and Orchestral Excerpts
MT 655-656   General
MT 660 Timpani
MT 662 Snare, bass, drum set
MT 663 Bongo, congas
MT 664 Tabla
MT 719 Xylophone, marimba, vibraphone
MT 722 Implements put to musical use (e.g., kitchen utensils)

Books about the Percussion

You'll find books about percussion in the ML 1030s and 1048-49.

Here are some of the more recent books we've added to that part of the collection.