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Open Education Resources

This guide provides basic information on finding, remixing, and creating Open Educational Resources

Editing or Remixing OER

Sometimes, you might find OER in your discipline, but the content needs to be slightly revised, edited, or adapted to meet you needs. You may want to add local context or examples to enhance the text for your students. You can also combine chapters from one or more relevant OERs. As long as everything is openly licensed, this is fair game!

Here are some resources and tools you can use to edit or remix OER: 

Creating OER

Sometimes you simply won't find the content you need in the form of OER. In this case, you might consider making your own. Creating a textbook or other substantial OER can take some time and effort, but UI now has support and compensation available. OpenHawks is an OER grant program administered by the Libraries and funded by the Provost and Libraries. Check out the program website to find out more. 

There is also a wealth of guides, books, and other information from people who have the OER creation know how. Here are some examples of guides for remixing and creating OER:

Making OER Accessible

To be truly open, a textbook must be accessible to all readers, and the best time to make sure your resource is truly accessible is while you're creating it. Check out the resources below to find out what you need to know as you start working with OER.