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Open Education Resources: Creating and Remixing OER

This guide provides basic information on finding, remixing, and creating Open Educational Resources

Finding Images

"Gayle's cane (beginning student)" by It's all about color is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Just like the text of your OER, the images you use also need to be licensed for open use. Creative Commons has an excellent search tool called CC Search, provides open images from 20 different collections--from Flickr to the Brooklyn Museum!

Using Pressbooks

The University of Iowa provides faculty with access to Pressbooks, a simple tool for authoring open textbooks. Based on Wordpress, this open source authoring tool allows you to edit or remix existing OER or create your own. Sign up and get started!

Editing or Remixing OER

In many cases, openly-licensed resources already exist on a given topic, and they may only need to be revised or remixed to suit the needs of a specific course. For instance, if an instructor wants to create an open textbook on research methods for psychology students, it might be simplest to start with an existing open textbook on research methods and then adapt it to include domain-specific examples from the field of psychology. You can also combine the content of two or more openly licensed textbooks and add some of your own content. As long as everything is openly licensed, this is fair game. 

Creating OER

Sometimes you simply won't find the content you need in the form of OER. In this case, you might consider making your own. Creating a textbook or other substantial OER can take some time and effort, but UI now has support and compensation available. OpenHawks is an OER grant program administered by the Libraries and funded by the Provost and the UI Student Government (UISG). Check out the program website to find out more. 

There is also a wealth of guides, books, and other information from people who have the OER creation know how. Here are some examples of guides for remixing and creating OER:

Making OER Accessible

"Öffentliche Buchausgabe logbuch accessibility - 057" by Robert Lender is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit:

To be truly open, a textbook must be accessible to all readers, and the best time to make sure your resource is truly accessible is while you're creating it. Check out the resources below to find out what you need to know as you start working with OER.