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COMM 2089: Nonverbal Communication: Research

Fall 2018, Dr. Jiyeon Kang


Search Tips

  • Come up with your own; these are just suggestions.
  • Consider synonyms! What other terms are similar to the ones you use?
  • Observe what results come up from your searches, are there other terms you missed? 
  • Look for links to subject headings and related articles.
  • Use Boolean Searches: try linking search terms with the words AND, OR, NOT. 
  • Place phrases in quotation marks, but single words can be searched independently.

Common Search Terms

  • interpersonal communication
  • nonverbal communication
  • facial expression
  • social skills
  • personal space
  • body language
  • intimacy

Book Search Tips

  • Enter your search terms, then limit Resource Type on the left hand menu to books.
  • Not all books in this catalog are considered scholarly. Read the UI Libraries' tips to help you identify academic sources. 

Search for Books

Article Search Tips

  • Enter your search terms across multiple databases.
  • Not all articles in these databases are considered scholarly; refer to the tips to double check your findings.

Search for Articles

Need Help? 

  • Ask your librarian for more tips once you've tried the above techniques. 
  • Live Chat with a Librarian online Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. 


Use the APA style to cite the sources you found during your research.


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