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Music Dissertations, Theses, and Recording Projects: a guide: Recording Project

The Project Submission Process in FIVE Easy Steps


When you submit your project to your thesis committee, send your document or an extracted track list to the Music Library. Your document must include a track list. Here is a template to help you create your track list. 


The Music Library will send you a list of DOIs (digital object identifiers)* to place in your document via email. 


In your document, provide the DOIs for each track as part of the track list. Here is a template that shows how to add the DOIs to your track list.


The Recording Studio will submit your audio files to the Music Library. The Library will upload your audio files to a streaming server and link each track to its DOI. 


Submit a pdf of your project document to ProQuest/Graduate College as your final deposit. You will NOT submit audio files to the Graduate College.

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**What is a Digital Object Identifier, or DOI?

Digital object identifiers are a tool for tagging digital objects with a stable, permanent address. Somewhat like an ISBNs for books or UPCs for commercial products, if a person were to search for an object by its DOI, it would lead them to that object regardless of changes or updates to its online location. DOIs are more stable than permanent or durable URLs, which is why each audio track produced for the recording project will be tagged with one.