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W. Max Radl: Undergraduate Engagement Librarian

Undergraduate Engagement Librarian

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Max Radl
He / They
University of Iowa Main Library
125 W. Washington St
Iowa City, IA
RM 1026

About MAX!

Max developed his librarian inclinations working for That's Rentertainment Video in Iowa City while obtaining his BFA in Intermedia from the University of Iowa. Subsequent ventures into video rental, specifically managing two independent video stores in Austin, TX (Vulcan Video and I Luv Video) solidified his dreams of becoming a Librarian with a capital L. 

As a graduate student in the SLIS program at the U of I his studies focused on physical media and a theoretical Forever Archive--a database encompassing the sum total of human existence accessible indefinitely to all future generations. 

In 2022 he became the Music Director for the student-run radio station KRUI, after an illustrious 7-year career as a DJ. His selections and additions to the catalog can still be heard on 89.7 FM. 

That same year he became the first ever Instruction Graduate Assistant for Special Collections & Archives, where he championed the continuing value and depth of distinctive collections while assembling and instructing dozens of class visits for myriad audiences. 

Max is a deeply enthusiastic proponent of physical media and maintains an extensive collection spanning over a thousand discs of film and television, with a music archive containing multiple terabytes of good vibes. 

As one of the Undergraduate Engagement Librarians he is a boisterous cheerleader for all aspects of the library and a passionate instructor of information literacy. 



BFA in Intermedia, Minor in Religious Studies, University of Iowa, 2009

Masters in Library and Information Science, certificate in Special Collections, University of Iowa 2023