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Iowa Narratives Project: History of a Place

For students working on the Iowa Narratives Project:

So you're looking to understand more about a particular place...

"A human community, is it to last long, must exert a sort of centripetal force, holding local soil and local memory in place."

- Wendell Berry in The Work of Local Culture


If you've chosen to investigate a local place (somewhere in Iowa City or the surrounding areas) check out the resources listed on the 'Resources' tab. Not sure where to begin with these resources? See the video below for an example of how to use the 'Resources' tab to locate information about your place.

If you've chosen to explore a place outside of the Iowa City and surrounding areas you might start your search for information using the 'Additional Resources' list included below.

Example search

Katie Hassman's example of searching for information about the historical and social context of a place.

Additional resources

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Katie DeVries