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Graphic History: Home

This is an informational page about the on-going project Graphic History: A Database for Graphic Novels about History. Supported by a Carnegie-Whitney Grant from the American Library Association.

Introduction to Graphic History

Graphic History seeks to create an authoritative, annotated, searchable database of available/in-print graphic novels dealing with historical settings, events, or people. The project will target a broad audience inclusive of general readers, instructors wishing to incorporate graphic novels into the classroom (starting at the middle school level) as well as librarians seeking to acquire graphic novels for their respective institutions.

Graphic History aims to make graphic novels about historical topics more easily identifiable, promoting the circulation of included titles in libraries across the country thus expanding readership. Ultimately, it is hoped that Graphic History becomes the destination website for librarians and instructors interested in graphic novels about historical topics.

Graphic History

ALA Carnegie-Whitney Grant

The American Library Association Carnegie-Whitney Grantprovides an award that is based on a special fund first established by Andrew Carnegie in 1902, “the income of which is to be applied to the preparation and publication of such reading lists, indexes and other bibliographical and library aids as will be especially useful in the circulating libraries of this country.”

The Carnegie-Whitney Grant provides grants for the preparation of popular or scholarly reading lists, webliographies, indexes and other guides to library resources that will be useful to users of all types of libraries in the United States.