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Waterloo People's Community Health Clinic: Welcome

This guide contains patient information that is available for free to the patients of the Waterloo People's Community Health Clinic and the general public.

People's Community Health Clinic

Iowa Department of Human Services

Who Needs The Information You Looked Up Today?

Who Needs The Information You Looked Up Today?
I do: 24 votes (68.57%)
A family member: 6 votes (17.14%)
A friend: 1 votes (2.86%)
A coworker: 4 votes (11.43%)
Total Votes: 35


Welcome to the Waterloo People's Community Health Clinic Patient Information Resource Guide.  This guide is free and can be accessed from the clinic or from your home. 

How to use this guide:

The Addiction/Substance Abuse, Child Health & Development, Health Topics and Mental Health Issues tabs open up a list of topics. Click on a health topic to open up a page of websites that you can use to find information on that topic. The Salud Infantil y Desarrollo tab is the Spanish version of the Child Health & Development tab.

The next four tabs list health information in languages other than English

The last tab lists several multimedia resources that have videos and handouts in different languages.

Please take a little time to fill out the poll and survey.  Your feedback is very important. 

If the health topic that you are looking isn't listed under any of the tabs on this guide, you can search MedlinePlus for information on over 800 health topics or go to the Patient Information page (found under the Health Topics tab) for more websites.