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CNW:2992 Publishing II: Advanced Literary Publication: Field Guides

Resources to aid in the creation of the Pub II book. Information on field guides, the research process, and best bets for resources.

Examples on Course Reserves

Where else can I find guides to look at?

You can find travel and field guides at public libraries, bookstores, and consignment shops. A quick online search can also connect you to digital guides - some samples are listed below:

Digital guides about Iowa:

Digital field guides about cities:

Digital field guides about nature:

Where is Course Reserves? How Does it Work?

Course Reserves is located on the first floor of Main Library near the Service Desk. It is organized by the book's call number, just like in the rest of the library. You can check out the books on reserve for this course for two hours.

To find the Course Reserves list in ICON (and you can check off the ones you have looked at, if you want), simply go to Course Materials+ in the left navigation of your course in ICON. 

To find the Course Reserves for this course in InfoHawk+, follow these steps:

  1. In InfoHawk+, enter CNW 2992 in the search bar.
  2. Before searching or hitting enter, change "Library Catalogs + Articles" to "Course Reserves."Screen shot of library catalog with CNW 2992 in search bar and choices showing for location of search
  3. Hit enter or the magnifying glass/search button.

  4. The list of 25 books will appear. They are shelved by call number.Photograph of Course Reserves shelves at Main Library

  5. Check the book(s) out for 2 hours at the Service Desk. (They can also help with questions.)

  6. Return the books to the Service Desk when done.

Need a map of where Course Reserves is in Main Library?