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Library Sources, Credibility & Finding the Good Stuff: Social Justice Project

Finding credible resources through library databases and evaluating the quality of information you find anywhere.


Here you will find many resources and information that will help you become successful in conducting policy research for your Diversity Research Project. Take a look through the page to find access to articles, newspapers, helpful resources on campus, and tips on beginning the research process.

Don't forget to check out other subject guides for more information on policy and government research!

Research Tips

Think about your identity. Make a list of all the terms, words, and groups of people that make up that identity. For example, if you identify as a First Generation College student, you might be interested in cost of college or graduation rates of first generation college students. 
TIP: Successful searches for information require you to be creative and flexible. The words you use to describe your topic may be different than the words used by the person who created the information you need to find.

Tips on locating policies using any database or website:

Policy is a broad term to describe any set of principles, rules, regulations, or laws adopted by an organization, either by a government body or any institution. 

  •  Begin with to search for recent legislative action on all current bills. 
  • Search newspapers for current events. You can do a simple search on a topic related to your identity plus "policy". Example: "Higher education policies" or "College entrance requirements and Policy"

Suggested Library Subject Guides for government and policy information

Meet with a Specialist Librarian!

Just Beginning? Get Background Information

Policy Research (Web Resources)

News Resources (UI Library Databases)

Find Scholarly Articles, News, and Magazines (UI Library Databases)

Campus Resources

Iowa Women's Archive (UI)

The Iowa Women's Archives, located on the third floor of the UI Main Library, has a wide variety of sources related to Iowa history, and not just women:-)

The Diversity & Social Justice Collections guide is a good place to look for interviews and other primary sources on social justice issues in Iowa.