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Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Self Check Out for Privacy

Privacy at the Library

Librarians at the University of Iowa value your right to privacy. We want you to feel safe checking out a library resource at the Service Desk. However, if you wish to check out in private, the Self-Service Station is located across from the Service Desk on the first floor of the Main Library.  Below you will find instructions for self check out. 

Instructions for Self Check Out

Instructions will guide you on the screen as you check out.

Here is an overview:

1. Have your University ID card ready

2. Select the "Check Out" Button on the screen

3. Scan your ID card

4. Scan your book's barcode. This is usually found on the front or the inside cover

5. Place your book spine down into the V shape of the machine and swipe book to remove alarm sensor

That's It!