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African History Since 1880: HIST 4715:0001\ AFAM 4715:0001

This course guide serves as a starting point to finding credible resource for HIST 4715:0001\ AFAM 4715:0001 - African History Since 1880: (Prof. James Giblin - Spring 2017)


Google Web Search

Class Texts: (Available In the library's Main Stacks or Online. May only be one copy of each title. Access to Online versions may also be limited. Students are advised to purchase their own copies for convenience.)

Reference Sources

Young African Women Balancing Pots on their Heads. Image Shared Through Flickr Under Creative Commons License

Select Databases

Biographical Databases

Sample Texts: (These titles are only a sample and some may be perused or read online. Access to online versions may be limited. Please go to the library Catalog to find titles that more closely relate to your needs.)