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ORCID @UI: CCOM Instructions

Your Research Identifier

Step by Step Instructions for ORCiD Set Up

  1. Connect ORCiD to University of Iowa - If you do not have an ORCiD yet, this process will include creating your ORCiD. 
  2. Assign a delegate to populate or maintain your ORCiD account (optional). If you are assigning a delegate, that person can complete the remaining steps below.
  3. Connect your ORCiD to Scopus (including multiple Scopus IDs) and import all publications indexed in Scopus
  4. Connect your ORCiD to Europe PubMed Central and pull in any publications not indexed in Scopus
  5. Connect ORCiD to CrossRef to allow future publications to be pulled in to your ORCiD record
  6. Include your ORCiD ID on future publications, along with your author information. 
  7. Periodically, you will need to repeat steps 3-4 to pull in any publications not automatically added by CrossRef. This could create duplicate records, so you will want to remove any copies. Always prefer a Scopus record to any other source. 

Connect your ORCiD to University of Iowa

On the ORCiD@UI page of this guide, click on the green Create or Connect button in the upper left-hand corner

You will be asked to sign in with your Hawk ID and Password (not Healthcare ID), after which you will be presented with a screen that will say if you already have an ORCiD connected to the University, whether you have an ORCiD but still need to connect it to the university, or need to create and connect your ORCiD. 

Follow the instructions, and then click on the URL to your ORCiD account:

You will then be presented with a login screen. If you are fully connected to the university, you should be able to use the "Institutional Account" to login with your Hawk ID and password. This is a good test to make sure you are fully connected to the university.