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ORCID @UI: Scopus Import

Your Research Identifier

Importing Records from Scopus

To import records into your ORCID profile scroll down to the green "Works" bar at the bottom of the record, then click "Add," and then click on "Search and Link" in the drop-down menu that appears.




On the new screen that appears, click on "Scopus--Elsevier" near the bottom of the list.



You will be prompted with a screen to authorize Scopus access to your record. You will click "Authorize." This allows ORCID and Scopus to communicate with each other. It also will allow future publications with your ORCID included to automatically be sent to ORCID for your approval. 



ORCID will search Scopus for your name and present you with possible matches. Select ALL profiles that belong to you. There may be more than one; especially if you have ever published at another institution or have published under multiple name variants. Once you have selected all profiles belonging to you, click "Next" at the bottom-right of the screen. If your name has appeared in publications differently than it does in your ORCID profile, you will need to add name variants to make sure all possible Scopus profiles are added.  To search another name variant, click on "Edit" and change the name being searched. 



You will be presented with a list of publications associated with those Scopus profiles. You will need to review the list and remove any publications not belonging to you by clicking on the grey "X" to the left of the publication record. Once done, click "Next" at the bottom-right of the screen.




You will then be given a second opportunity to review publications, and will be asked to submit your UIOWA email address. Once you have done this, you will need to click through a few screens, ending in one that asks you to send your publication list to ORCID. Once you do, you can return to ORCID and refresh your browser to see the publication records in your "Works" section. At this point you will want to review the records for accuracy and correct any errors.