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BUS:3000 Business Communication and Protocol: Employee Productivity Tracking

Explore Your Industry

STEP 2. Use these sources to learn more about trends in your industry and high-profile news about employee monitoring among competitors.


Industry: Food Service (Subway)

Example of competitor: McDonald’s

Industry: Technology (Yahoo)

Example of competitor: Google

Industry: Internet Retail  (eBay)

Example of competitor: Amazon

Industry: Transportation  (FedEx)

Example of competitor: UPS

Industry: Auto Manufacturing (Ford)

Example of competitor: Tesla

Industry: Finance & Insurance (Wells Fargo)

Example of competitor: J. P. Morgan

Learn the basics (pulled from assignment)

STEP 1. Learn how the pandemic has impacted the workforce and made employee productivity tracking more widespread.

Impact of the pandemic on the workforce:

The rise of employee productivity tracking:

“Quiet quitting” and the Great Resignation:

Ongoing research projects and useful repositories:

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