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BUS:3000 Business Communication and Protocol: Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Where should we start?

Start with these (below) in order to gain a basic understanding of the kind of fulfillment center you are locating a site for and some of the possible opportunities and challenges the proliferation of multi-story fulfillment centers might present. Given how current the topic is, there should be ample research to explore. Remember that any information coming directly from Amazon sources may of course reflect company bias and not be as objective as other sources.


Article from Independent Foundation

Business Press Articles

News & Commentary

From Amazon

Finding Additional Information


You will need to find additional sources on your own to complete the project. Here are some key search terms that may help you and your team start your research:

  • Logistics, delivery supply chain, vertical warehouses/fulfillment centers; Amazon urbanism, Amazon Empire, drone delivery, one-day delivery trends

Keep in mind: Amazon has more than one kind of fulfillment center; this report pertains specifically to the construction or leasing of a multi-level (vertical) fulfillment center in an urban area.


Industry & Market Research Reports (Library Resources):


Finding County Specific Info:

  • Look online (Google) for County and State specific info that might provide insight


Find News items:

  • Factiva - is a Library resources you can use to fine news items.  Use the "Search" > "Search Builder" option at the top of the page.