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Leadership Studies Certificate: Finding Journal Articles

Resources for the Certificate in Leadership Studies


  • Choose the right database for what you need. General databases cover a lot of ground, but subject specific databases like Sociological Abstracts, Pubmed, ERIC or PsycInfo might save you time and get you better results.
  • Many databases have a way to limit results to scholarly articles or peer-reviewed articles.
  • Don't limit yourself only to full text articles in your database - let InfoLink find more options for you.

How to find good articles

Save yourself time by heading directly to databases through the UI libraries. In addition to getting access to higher quality material focused in your area of interest, you can also get easy access to articles we've already paid for through links in the databases or the UI's InfoLink system.

  • Choose a database from the list at the left - hover over the links for a brief description.
  • Contact a UI librarian for advice on the best database for your topic, time-saving search terms and strategies and individual help.
  • Evaluate the scholarliness of the articles you find and impress your teachers with the quality of your research!

Key Databases

These databases have a wealth of articles on leadership in their areas of focus.

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