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Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

Medical Laboratory Science: Textbooks

Resources for medical laboratory science students or clinicians.


Relevant Sections in Library

QR – Microbiology

     QR 75-99.8 Bacteria

     QR 100-129 Microbial ecology

     QR 177-189 Immunology

     QR 201 Pathogenic microorganisms

     QR 248-255 Medical parasitology QR 355-502 Virology

RA – Public Aspects of Medicine

RB – Pathology

     RB 40-138 Clinical pathology. Laboratory technique.

          Included is the examination of chromosomes, blood,

          blood gases, blood groups, serum, gastric contents,

          hormones, feces, body fluids, urine, etc.

RC – Internal Medicine

RD - Surgery

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