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Get Hired! An Employment Guide: Research the Company

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Search Mergent for Public Company Information.  

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Search for Private Companies & Investors

Search PrivCo for Private Company information.

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Venture Capital, Private Equity and M&A Database

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In addition to using the UI fee based sites below you can also read a company's web site and gather info from the free sites on the web.

Keep in mind that you'll find more information on a public company than a private company.  Public companies sell shares to the public and as a result have to disclose financials and detailed operations info to the Securities and Exchange Commission. This makes it easy to find info such as financial statements and executive compensation.  Private companies are privately owned by individuals or groups.  Privately owned companies do not have to disclose info to the SEC.  As a result, it can be difficult to find a great deal of information on a private company.

Public and Private Companies

Companies and Corporate Responsibility

  • Scorecard
    Find out who is polluting. Offers a database that can be searched by company name
    Online publication. Discusses companies in realation to their financial, environmental, social, and governance performance.
  • Responsible Shopper Home Page
    From the site: "The purpose of Responsible Shopper is to alert consumers and investors to problems with companies that they may shop with or invest in, and encourage individuals to use their economic clout to demand greater corporate responsibility." Lists companies and offers a comparison of companies with industries.
  • The Global 100: Most Sustainable Corporations in the World
    created by by Corporate Knights Inc. with Innovest Strategic Value Advisors Inc.. The list is released every year at the World Economic Forum.
  • 1% for the Planet
    Find a list of companies that donate 1% of their sales to environmental orgs.

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