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Diaries, Memoirs & Oral Histories: An Iowa Women's Archives' Autobiographical Resource Guide: Oral Histories

The Oral History of...

Atalig, Angelica Lynn Rose. The narrator describes growing up in a bilingual, biracial family in Garner, Iowa. Oral history conducted in 1999.  Audiotape and transcript.

Birkby, Evelyn. Radio homemaker.  Interview conducted in 2006. Two audiotapes.

Boedeker, Margaret (1919-2000). Teacher for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  One audiotape.

Boller, Betty. Des Moines wife and mother who worked as a secretary during World War II.  Oral history conducted in 1999. Audiotape and transcript.

Boulware, Lois. University of Iowa physician.  Oral history conducted by James Beilman for the University of Iowa Libraries, 1977. Transcript.

Braverman, Rosalie (1910- ). Jewish immigrant in Iowa and University of Iowa student in the 1920s.  Oral history conducted in 1996. Audiotape and transcript.

Coleman, Mary Sue. Former president of the University of Iowa, Iowa City. Interview conducted in 1997 by Tanya Zanish-Belcher, Curator, Archives of Women in Science and Engineering at Iowa State University, Ames.  Transcript only.

Davis, Aldeen (1916-2001). Muscatine newspaper columnist and civil rights activist from Centerville, Iowa.  Two videotapes and one audiotape, “Muscatine Black Families and the AME Church.”

Davis, Laura. Social worker in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Interview conducted in 1984.  Audiotape and transcript.

Dendel, Esther (1910-2002). Iowa author and artist. Seven audiotapes and transcript.

Everett, Beverly George (1926-2001). Family farmer, volunteer, and community activist who served on U.S. National Commission for UNESCO and the International Women’s Year Commission. One audiocassette.

Ferns, Grace. Rural Iowa school teacher.  Oral history conducted by Jan Losby for the Johnson County Historical Society, 2002. Transcript.

Garcia, Inez. Fort Madison wife and mother. Interview conducted by her daughter, Teresa Garcia, in 1999. Two audiotapes and transcript. A second interview, conducted in 2005 by Rachel Carreon, is shelved in the Mujeres Latinas Oral Histories Collection.

Gernes, Elizabeth Anna (1907-1996). Educator and Red Cross worker. Interview conducted in 1996. Audiotape and transcript.

Griffin, Edna. Des Moines civil rights activist and Progressive Party member.  Interview conducted by Verda Williams, ca. 1985.  Audiotapes and transcript in the Verda Williams Papers. An Interview with Griffin’s daughter, Phyllis Griffin, conducted by Noah Lawrence, 2004.  Audiotape and transcript in the Edna Griffin Papers.

Hamblin, Dora Jane. Reporter for Life magazine from Bedford, Iowa. Oral history recorded in 1988, videotape.

Hata, Kay. Japanese-American nurse who was imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp during World War II. Oral history recorded in 1999.  Audiotape and transcript.

Hoidalh, Florence. Newspaper columnist. Interview conducted by Gladys Rife in 1985.  Audiotapes and transcript.

Kubby, Karen. Iowa City feminist and city council member.  Interview conducted by Kit Murray, 1999.  One audiotape [AC500].

Lewis, Catherine. Eleven interviews conducted by Catherine Lewis in 1995 for the Smithsonian Insititute’s Festival of American Folklore & Iowa Festival of Iowa Folklife. Eight audiotapes.

Louden, Kathryn. A member of the Iowa Porkettes.  Interview conducted by Doris Malkmus, 2001.  One audiotape.

Lyon, Pauline. Navy WAVE during World War II.  One audiotape [AC352].

Mackay, Dora E. Black Des Moines singer and beauty shop owner. Interview conducted in 2006. Audiotape.

McCormick, Dale. Iowa City feminist and activist.  Interview conducted by John McKerley, 2003.  Two audiotapes.

McKenzie, Bettie. Red Oak, Iowa, farm woman.  Interview conducted by Karen Mason, 2005.  Two audiotapes.

Meade, Magdalen. Farm woman and political organizer from Riverside, Iowa.  Interview conducted by Andor Skotnes, 1991-1992. Seven audiotapes and transcript.

Neff, Ortha P. Red Cross worker and Girl Scout executive director from Nichols, Iowa.  Interview conducted by Mary Evans of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library as part of the Library of Congress Veterans Oral History Project.  One videotape.

Noun, Louise. Feminist, activist, and co-founder of the Iowa Women’s Archives.  Oral histories conducted by J. Vacchiano, in 1992, and by Virigina Wadlsey, in 1999. Audiotapes and transcripts.

Peiffer, Eva. Oral history interview conducted in 1994 by Rachel Casteel.  One audiotape.

Schallau, Elise Boddicker (1913-1997). Iowa farm woman.  Interviewed by her daughter, Mona Anne Guerrant, in 1980 and 1982.  Audiotapes and transcript.

Seiberling, Nancy. Iowa City conservationist and founding member of Project Green.  Interviewed in 2001 by Linda K. Kerber, University of Iowa May Brodbeck Professor in Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Audiotape [AC623] and transcript.

Smith, Mary Louise. First woman to chair the Republican National Committe and co-founder of the Iowa Women’s Archives.  Interview conducted by Kim Fradgley.  One audiotape [AC813].

Thornhill, Esther. Mother and homemaker from Ida Grove, Iowa. Oral history recorded by her grandson, Derik Cranston, 1995. Audiotape.

Tucker, Bertha Korn. Jewish writer from Des Moines, Iowa.  Interview conducted by Michael Pollock and Susan Demas, 1999. Audiotapes.

Vandervelde, Marjorie. Writer and traveler who lived among the Kuna Indians.  Interview conducted in 2003, Emmetsburg, Iowa.  Audiotapes.

Williams, Catherine Gayle. Professional dancer and former deputy commissioner of the Iowa Department of Social Services.  A series of interviews conducted by David Smith,1982. Six audiotapes. A second interview was conducted in 1995 for the Smithsonian Institute’s Festival of American Folklore and Iowa Festival of Iowa Folklife. Audiotape [AC352].

From the Inez Garcia papers

Inez Garcia oral history transcript, Box 1.

Photograph of Diaz couple, undated, Box 1.


From the Edna Griffin papers

Edna Griffin (center) at Katz boycott, Des Moines, 1948.

Oral history interview with Phyllis Griffin and Noah Lawrence, December 21, 2004.

From the Kay Hata papers

Introduction to the oral history interview transcript, Folder 1.

"Too busy to be bitter, nurse spent life helping others," Des Moines Register, September 13, 2000.