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Badaracco Jr., J. L. (2003). How “Leading Quietly” Offers Realistic Help with the Difficult, Important Human Problems. Journal of Organizational Excellence22(3), 3–16. 
Badaracco Jr., J. L. (1998). The Discipline of Building Character. Harvard Business Review76(2), 114–124.
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Hoch, J. E., Bommer, W. H., Dulebohn, J. H., & Wu, D. (2018). Do Ethical, Authentic, and Servant Leadership Explain Variance Above and Beyond Transformational Leadership? A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Management44(2), 501–529
George, B., & McLean, A. (2007). The transformation from “I” to “we.” Leader to Leader2007(45), 26–32.
Kotter, J. P. (2001). What Leaders Really Do. Harvard Business Review79(11), 85–97.

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Wang, G., Oh, I., Courtright, S. & Colbert, A. (2011). Transformational Leadership and Performance across Criteria and Levels: A Meta-analytic Review of 25 Years of Research. Group and Organization Management 36 223-270. 

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