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Brass Resources: Trumpet

Trumpet Resources

Trumpet Scores and Methods Books in the Library

M 85-89   Collections and separate works
Duets, Trumpet/cornet and piano
M 260   Collections (original compositions and arrangements)
M 261 Separate works (original and arrangements)
Solo trumpet(s) & cornet(s) with orchestra
M 1030 Scores, full and reduced and arrangements for reduced orchestra
M 1030.5 Cadenzas
M 1031 Solo(s) with piano reduction
Chamber Music for Winds (two or more wind instruments)*
M 288-289  Duets
M 355-359 Trios
M 455-459 Quartets
M 555-559   Quintets
M 655-659 Sextets
M 755-759 Septets
M 855-859 Octets
Chamber Music for Winds and Piano*
M 315-319 Trios, two winds and piano
M 415-419 Quartets, three winds and piano
M 515-519 Quintets, four winds and piano
M 615-619 Sextets, five winds and piano
M 715-719 Septets, six winds and piano
M 815-819 Octets, seven winds and piano
Methods Books and Orchestral Excerpts
MT 418   Combined Brass
MT 440 General
MT 442 Systems and methods
MT 445 General studies and exercises
MT 446 Orchestral studies
MT 448 Self-instructors
MT 452 Bugle
MT 456 Post horn


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Books about the Trumpet

You'll find books about the trumpet in the ML 960s.

Here are some of the more recent books we've added to that part of the collection.