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Textbook Affordability Pilot: Books on Reserve

UISG and UI Libraries are happy to announce our Textbook Affordability Pilot. We have purchased copies of some of the most expensive and widely used textbooks and placed them on course reserves in the libraries. This guide will tell you more.

What is the Affordability Pilot?

University of Iowa Student Government (UISG) and the Libraries both recognize that the high cost of textbooks is burdensome. This  project is intended to help with the cost burden that UI students face when paying for their textbooks. With money allocated from UISG and the Libraries, we have purchased textbooks for courses with the highest undergraduate enrollments, as well as the highest costs of resources. These books will be placed on course reserves, both in Main Library and the branch libraries. Search below to see if any of your courses are covered under this program. 

For some of the classes included in the program, there may be additional required texts that have not been purchased. Also, some of these books are accompanied by an access code for supplemental online materials. We cannot purchase access to these additional materials. Make sure to check with your professor to make sure that you have access to all of the books and other materials you'll need for class. The TAP program no longer accepts donations of used books. 

Selection Criteria

These criteria were used as guidelines for making purchase and donation acceptance decisions for the project:
1. Book is used in a course where enrollment exceeds 100 students 
2. Cost of new print book exceeds $100 
4. In most cases, only a single copy of each book will purchased or accepted for donation
5. Priority will be given to books that can be purchased electronically under a license that allows for multiple simultaneous users. (For purchases only)
6. Instructor has agreed to use chosen book for at least three subsequent semesters (For purchases only)
7. Textbook is in good physical shape and contains little or no highlighting or markings (For donations only)

Finding Course Reserves

One easy way to find out whether your textbook is on Course Reserves is to use the simple search box below. Search by...

Course Name


Book Title

InfoHawk+ Course Reserves Lookup

Request a Textbook

If you're an instructor or student and would like to see your textbooks included in the TAP project, let us know! Send an email to the Tap Selection Committee at