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Pompeian Art and Culture: Home

Journal titles and online sources for research in Pompeian Art and Culture

General Reference

Online Resources for Journal Articles and Citations

Other Web Resources

Important Journals and Reference Titles

Pompei: pitture e mosaici  (Art Reference ND 2575 .P75)
Lexicon iconographicum mythologiae classicae [LIMC]   (Art Reference NX650. M9L48)
Hauser in Pompeji (Art Oversize 3 Folio NA327. P6 H38 1984 vols 1-12)
American Journal of Archaeology (Main Library Journals and JSTOR)
Journal of Roman Studies (Main Library Folio DG 11 .J7 and JSTOR)
Journal of Roman Archaeology (Main Library DG 11 .J68
Bullettino dell'instituto di corrispondenza archaeogica (
      Rivista di studi pompeiani (toc@ )
      Cronache Pompeiane (toc@ )
      Notizie degli scavi di antichita (1876-1930 @ )
      Quaderni di Studi Pompeiani (toc@ )

Evaluating Information

Evaluating your sources

Authority - Find out who's telling you the information, an expert or scholar?

Source - Who's the publisher or entity responsible for presenting the information?

Coverage - Is it scholarly (look for footnotes and/or a bibiliography) or popular?  

                   Who's the intended audience? (Check the vocabulary, language and tone.)

                   What's the depth/scope?

Accuracy - Are the facts, names, dates, etc. correct?

Objectivity - Is there a bias or particular viewpoint?

Date - Is it recent? (Is that relevant?)

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How do you find out if an author is an expert or scholar?

   From the Art Library’s homepage ( ) search these:

              InfoHawk Catalog

              Databases such as ArtFull Text+Art Index Retrospective, Avery Index, JSTOR


              Grove Art Online

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