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Guide to finding measurement instruments. Designed for Social Work students but applicable to Psychology, Social Sciences and helping professions.

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Finding Tests, Surveys and Measurement Instruments

Far a variety of reasons, finding actual tests and psychological measurement instruments can be complicated. This guide aims to explain some of the complications and suggest strategies to find what you need.

Why are tests so hard to find?

  • Proprietary - Many standard test instruments are published and must be purchased.
  • Ethical standards -Some researchers may want their test only used by those trained in its use.
  • Size - some journals don't want to include tests along with articles because they take up a lot of room.

What can you do?

  • Use the techniques in the Finding Instruments in Articles tab to locate instruments.
  • Contact researchers or owners of the copyright for permission to use the test.
  • Buy the published test. However, published tests are often expensive and purchasers must show that they have the credentials to administer the test.


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