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ORCID @UI: Assigning Delegates

Your Research Identifier

Setting Up Delegate Access

If you have an ORCID account, you can give access to delegates, or "Trusted Individuals," who will be able to access and edit your ORCID profile. You can give access to multiple "Trusted Individuals,"  and you choose to revoke access at any time. However, you can only give access to others who already have an ORCID account. For information on creating an ORCID account, please see the ORCID@UI page on this guide.  

After ensuring the intended delegate has an ORCID account, go into "Account Settings," under "For Researchers" 








Then, scroll down the page until you see "Trusted Individuals" and search for your delegate by name, confirm that you have the right person by matching ORCID ID, and then click "Add" next to their name:


When the delegate you've added logs into their own ORCID account, they will see a new blue button that will allow them to switch between accounts: