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Evidence Based Clinical Practice: What is EBCP?

This page provides information on locating and evaluating literature used to support evidence based practice.

What is Evidence Based Clinical Practice?


Evidence-Based Clinical Practice (EBCP): Evidence-based practice is the judicious use of the best research evidence (found in health sciences literature), clinical expertise (what the health care provider knows) and patient values (what the patient wants and believes) to create a plan of action regarding patient care.  Evidence-based practice is an umbrella term that covers evidence-based medicine, evidence-based dentistry, evidence-based public health, evidence-based nursing and etc.

History of Evidence Based Clinical Practice

How to Learn More

Library Liaisons - At Hardin, each department in the health sciences has a personal librarian. You can make an appointment to meet with your librarian and talk about whatever questions you may have.

Hardin Open Workshops (HOW) - Hardin Library offers a class called "Using Evidence Based Resources" that can get you started.

An Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine - This self-paced tutorial will take you through the complete EBM process, emphasizing the elements of a well-built clinical question and the key issues that help determine the validity of evidence. This program was developed by the Medical Center Library at Duke University and the Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.