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Theatre Arts: Plays and Monologues



Tips on how to Search for Plays

InfoHawk+ (limit your search to Library Catalogs)

Use the InfoHawk+ search tool to locate books containing your play or books about your play.

Search by TITLE "three sisters"
Search by AUTHOR Chekhov, Anton
Search by KEYWORD chekhov and "three sisters"

Books about your author and your play may discuss contemporary reviews of the play.

If you are not able to locate your play with a title search, it may mean that your play appears as part of an anthology.  Try doing an Advanced Search, using Title Words and the author.

Plays are often included in anthologies or collections with other works. This information may be listed in the content notes. In this case, a keyword search of the title of a play might be a efficient and productive way to find a particular item.

Expand your Search

If you can't find your play in InfoHawk+, try WorldCat.  It's a much bigger database, with over 62,000,000 records from over 2,000 libraries around the world

  • Use WorldCat to identify titles that are not available at The University of Iowa Libraries
  • If we don't have the book, you can requests the book through Interlibrary loan--it's free.