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Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

Systematic Reviews: Screening and Assessing Records

This guide provides resources for finding and writing systematic reviews.

Screening and Assessing Records

Although Hardin Librarians rarely participate in screening records for inclusion or assessing studies, reliable resources to guide these processes are available on this page.  

Programs for Screening Records

All of the listed programs work with major reference management tools.

Additional Screening Information

Excel, EndNote, or another reference management tool may also be used for screening records.

The following article describes a process for the title/abstract screening, verdict assignment, and comparisons of results among multiple reviewers in EndNote: Bramer WM, Milic J, Mast F. Reviewing retrieved references for inclusion in systematic reviews using EndNote. Journal of the Medical Library Association: JMLA. 2017;105(1):84-7.

Assessing Study Bias and Quality

Data Management