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Rita Benton Music Library

Fall 2020 Music Library Guide: Study Space


person reading book iconNo Open Seating in Fall 2020

The Music Library's study spaces will not be open in Fall 2020. The Library seating is too close together and the floorplan too crowded with shelving to allow the seating to be spread out. We encourage students to participate in social distancing by studying in their dorms, apartments, and homes.

The Computer Lab, or ITC, will be available for student use when not being used for classes. The door between the Music Library and the Lab will remained locked for the duration of Fall semester. Entrance to the lab will be restricted to the hallway door with the card swipe.

Music Graduate Student Study Space

Graduate Students enrolled in the School of Music will be allowed to schedule appointments for using library study space for two-hour blocks. There will be a half hour buffer between patron use of any study space to allow for cleaning. Students must then vacate the library for at least one hour before they can reserve another time slot.