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Rita Benton Music Library

Spring 2021 Music Library Guide: Books


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A few thing to know about Library eBooks

  • Library ebooks are a little different from consumer ebooks (e.g., Kindle). The Libraries pay for institutional licenses that often have rules about how many people can use an ebook at once OR how many times the book can be used before another "copy" must be purchased.
  • Libraries purchase ebooks as individual titles and in large groups, or packages. This page will help you learn how to search for titles using InfoHawk+ and direct you to several ebook packages that are relevant to music and its related disciplines.
  • Library ebooks come in many formats. Some must be read in a web browser, some are a series of pdfs for each chapter, and some may be downloaded to a laptop or desktop computer via a third party program, like Adobe Digital Editions.
  • The Libraries ended its access to the HathiTrust Emergency Library. If you have questions about how to access books from this collection through the UI Libraries, please contact the Music Library at

Bloomsbury Popular Music

What you'll find in Bloomsbury Popular Music:
  • Scholarly ebooks about popular music
  • The 33 1/3 series, short books about specific albums, from The Beatles and Dylan to Nas and Kanye.
  • The Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World, with thousands of entries over twelve volumes.
Visit Bloomsbury Popular Music >>

Cambridge eBooks

What you'll find from Cambridge:
How to Read Online:

Cambridge offers online reading and pdf download at the chapter level.

Visit Cambridge Histories >>

Visit Cambridge Handbooks >>

Visit Cambridge Companions >>

ACLS Humanities eBooks

What you'll find in ACLS Humanities eBooks:
  • Scholarly ebooks about many subjects, including over 200 titles on music
How to Read Online:

ACLS offers online reading and pdf download at the chapter level

Visit ACLS Humanities eBooks >>

ProQuest eBooks

What you'll find in ProQuest eBook Central:
  • Most of the music ebooks ordered at the title level are from ProQuest, EBSCO, and Taylor and Francis. As a result you'll find hundreds of relevant titles in this grouping of books.
  • We also purchase many ProQuest ebooks for other subjects, so if you want to search a large group of ebooks within a single platform, this is a good one to use.
How to Read Online:

ProQuest offers online reading with page range or per chapter downloads (there can be download limitations imposed). Some ProQuest books can be downloaded to read offline using Adobe Digital Editions.

ProQuest ebooks CAN have limits imposed on number of simultaneous users. Under "Availability" you can see what our institutional access provides (single-user, three users, or unlimited).

Visit ProQuest eBook Central >>

How to Find Library eBooks using InfoHawk+

How to Request Book Pickup or Scans of a Book Chapter