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COMM 2090: Organizational Communication: Articles

Fall 2018 Dr. Darrel Wanzer-Serrano

Popular or Scholarly?

  Magazine Scholarly Journal
Author Journalist, layperson, or unknown Expert in field 
Notes Few or no references or footnotes Includes bibliography and/or notes 
Style Written for average reader Written for experts
Editing Reviewed by people employed by magazine Reviewed by outside scholars 
Audience General public Scholars 
Advertising Many  Few or none
Look Glossy Sedate
Contents General Specialized
Indexes Found in general periodical indexes  Found in subject specialized indexes


Try these and a variety of other search terms. Look for links to subject headings and related articles.

  • communication in organizations
  • organizational behavior
  • business communication
  • conflict management
  • knowledge management
  • management
  • leadership
  • corporate communication
  • corporate image
  • professional identity

For articles, try Communication and Mass Media Complete.

  • List all your search terms. Then think if there are any synonyms you could also use.
  • If your search term is a phrase rather than a single word, place quotation marks around the phrase. EX: "business communication."
  • Limit your search if you want by options in the left hand menu. Common limiters are: publication date (for most recent research), peer reviewed (for scholarly pieces), or language (if you can only read English). 

For books, try InfoHawk+

  • Enter your search terms.
  • Limit your results by going to the left hand menu, finding Resource Type, and clicking Books. 
  • Remember, InfoHawk+ is not Google! Do not expect your best result to come up as the first result. 


Cite your research using Chicago Style. 


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