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What will I find in Music Periodicals Database?


IIMP indexes 440 music periodicals and provides full-text to recent issues for 130 journals.

The older the article (especially if it's pre-1995), the more likely that you'll only find an index entry.


You will find abstracts in IIMP. In fact, every record 1996-present should definitely have one.

Abstracts are an excellent tool for quick evaluation of an item's relevancy to your research need.


IIMP indexes many publications that contain reviews, like American Record Guide, Fanfare, and trade journals like Opera News.

You can limit your search to retrieve just reviews, or conversely, to leave them out. You can even limit your search to retrieve positive or negative reviews. Seriously.


IIMP, much like Music Index, covers many popular music sources that you won't find in RILM or JSTOR.