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ENGL:1200:0016 The Interpretation of Literature - Shaughnessy, Fall 2021: Home

Resources to aid with the Essay 2 assignment in ENGL:1200:0016 with Kathleen Shaughnessy, Fall 2021

Finding Books on WorldCat

WorldCat is valuable for finding published items that are not held at the University of Iowa Libraries. It is the world's most comprehensive catalog of items held by libraries, particularly libraries in North America. If InfoHawk+ doesn't have what you are looking for, try WorldCat - it contains over 2 billion records! And many of those items are available for you to borrow through Interlibrary Loan.

Use the "Libraries worldwide that own item" link to see which libraries have the items you want. You can then "Request item" from the link on WorldCat. Not everything that you see on WorldCat can be borrowed, but it's worth checking into!

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>

General Overview

InfoHawk+, the library catalog, is a great starting place for your search! You can also use the databases listed in this guide for finding materials for ENGL:1200:0016, Fall 2021. They will contain many credible and relevant resources for your assignment. 

Each database will have tips and hints on how to use it. Don't be afraid of tutorials and help buttons.

Remember to cite your sources. Tips on MLA citations can be found here.

If you have questions or problems, contact your librarian!

From the assignment...

Prompt 1: Living Spaces -- what environment does the character live in? What do we know about it? What inspired the environment of the story, in reality and/or in fantasy?

Prompt 2: Violent Death -- how does death occur in the story? What is its context? What leads to the death, and what is its significance? Why does it happen?

Prompt 3: A Checkhov's Gun -- what is an object from early in the text that has importance later in the text? What is the history of that item? What is its relevance in the text? Is it symbolic of anything? (some examples arsenic/mushrooms in relation to family poisoning, the color red in clothing, overalls, etc)

Prompt 4: Storytelling -- what kind of story is this? Is it based on anything? What kind of narrative is it? Might be worthwhile to into the author's own thoughts on their text.


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