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Orientation for Rhetoric: Home

Very General online orientation to use before Librarians work with Rhetoric classes. The idea here is to cover basic concepts so the librarian focus on specific needs of Rhetoric classes.


  • Go through the orientation tabs left to right the first time.
  • Go at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Replay videos or return to parts of the orientation whenever you like.
  • No orientation will tell you everything you might need to know - save questions for the librarian's class visit.
  • Think of your own research topics as you watch my examples.

Dan the Librarian

Start Here


Welcome to the Library Orientation for Off-Campus Students. The primary purpose of this orientation is to prepare students in the University of Iowa's Social Work Research Methods before a visit from the Social Work Liaison Librarian.By working through the orientation first, I hope to make my brief time time in your research methods class more effective for you and let you focus our time together more on what you need from me and less on what I think you need to know. Come prepared to ask questions.

While the orientation is geared for students in off-campus MSW programs throughout Iowa, the information is relevant for students taking classes on the UI's Iowa City campus and students in other academic programs as well. Even if you are not the primary audience for this orientation, please take what benefit you can from it.

Whether in person, online, by phone or email, I look forward to working with you as you progress through the MSW program.

Dan the Librarian

Dan the Librarian

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Dan Gall
Subjects: Social Work