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Embracing Complexity: Rhetoric of Identities & Communities Project: Home

The goal of this interdisciplinary curriculum is to — as the title suggests — help students embrace the complexity of global citizenry through rhetorical analysis, informed argumentation, and responsible advocacy. Ultimately, we hope to share in Hancher’s

embracing complexity

Hancher’s Embracing Complexity project is a “multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to building understanding of contemporary Islamic cultures and Muslim identity.” To complement these efforts, the Department of Rhetoric and IDEAL have partnered with Hancher and the UI Libraries Research and Library Instruction to create curriculum that will support the project. This curriculum engages with the issues and themes within modern Muslim culture through the work of Muslim artists, including G. Willow Wilson whose memoir The Butterfly Mosque is the One Book, One Community selection for 2017.

Embracing Complexity Resources

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Toby Keith vs. Sage Francis: Rhetorical Analysis Compare and Contrast

Persepolis Resources