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Guide for the 2016 Japan Foundation/CAPS K-12 Teacher Training Workshop: Home

Access to the UI Libraries Materials via Interlibrary Loan

Anyone should be able to use their local public library (or even their school library if they offer ILL to their teachers!) to request materials from the UI Libraries.  With our DVD collection, we do have a shorter loan period – about 2 weeks – but books can usually be lent longer.  While we don’t charge any library in Iowa, sometimes public libraries do charge to cover the costs of shipping.

*** When requesting DVDs, please check the information on the Details screen carefully. Unless your classroom is equipped with region-free DVD player, you may not use some DVDs. Region 1 plays without any problem on regular American DVD players. Region all should play OK, too. If the DVD has region 2 code, you need a special player. ***

If you have any questions, please contact our ILL/DD unit at The Main Library ILL Office website is at

Updated: 6/8/2016

Did you know that the UI Libraries offer Community Borrower Card?

Eligibility Guidelines
  • Any adult Iowa resident who has no affiliation with the University of Iowa
  • Friends of the UI Libraries
  • Iowa K-12 students with written request from a school authority or parent

Please consult Circulation Guidelines and Loan Policies for Community Borrowers for details.

Updated: 6/8/2016

Culture Kits and Country Flags from the UI International Programs Office

The International Programs at the University of Iowa loans cultural kits and flags to local K-12 schools.

Here is a list of cultural kits and K-12 Outreach info from the IP:

There are 4 different Japanese kits available.

The  Consulate- General of Japan in Chicago also lends some cultural activities kits:

Updated: 6/8/2016

Other Guides Containing English Resource Info

Updated: 6/6/2016

Look for more guides

Japanese Studies Librarians and/or East Asian Studies Librarians at other instutitions may have more guides useful for you. You can search other guides created by my fellow librarianst at

This subject guides portal from the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources might be helpful, as well.

Updated: 6/6/2016

SmartSearch (Soon to be upgraded and renamed to InfoHawk+)

SmartSearch is the main tool for us to find resources in the UI Libraries. It will be upgraded in July, 2016 and renamed to InfoHawk+.

SmartSearch (or InfoHawk+) is capable of searching subscription base databases and our library catalog altogether. However, you probably do not have access to the contents of these subscription base databases unless you are in the library or on this campus. So to find books, print journals, and DVDs in our library, I recommend you to switch to Library Catalog mode first.

When using either SmartSerch or InfoHawk+, your search results will likely to contain resources both in Japanese and English. If you only want to see resources in English, with Englist subtitles, etc., please use the language facet.

Updated: 6/8/2016

Some Fun Resources from the UI Libraries

We have several replicas of Japanese picture scrolls in our library. Most of them are minuature replicas. All the scrolls are accompanied by explanatory booklet in Japanese and English.

To find more scrolls, try seaching for "Emakimono shirīzu" or try Benridō and scroll(s) as your keywords. Benridō is a company in Kyoto who makes most of these replica scrolls in our collection.

If you'd like to know how to handle real Japanese scrolls, check out this online tutorial from the Freer and Sackler Gallery on YouTube: Safe Handling Practices for Japanese Handscrolls

24-volume set of "Nihon emakimono zenshū (Art Oversize-2 FOLIO ND1053 .N5)" can be also useful to look at more narrative painting scrolls. Text chiefly in Japanese, but summary and legends also in English.

Minae Mizumura IWP '03 水村美苗

Her bio on J-Lit website:

English Translations of Mizumura Minae's Work(s):

Updated: 12/15/2014

Kabuki Videos -- Kabuki Meisakusen series with English commentary

Kabuki Meisakusen 歌舞伎名作撰

Dai 1-ki to dai 3-ki. 50 DVDs. In Japanese, with optional Japanese subtitles and optional Japanese and English commentary.

  • 勧進帳(78分)
  • 野田坂 研辰の討たれ(112分)
  • 一谷嫩軍記 熊谷陣屋(86分)
  • 義経千本桜 川連法眼館の場 奥庭の場 蔵王堂花矢倉の場(99分)
  • 天衣紛上野初花 河内山(90分)
  • 白浪五人男 浜松屋の場から滑川土橋の場まで(102分)
  • 封印切(83分)
  • 伊勢音頭恋寝刃(109分)
  • 藤娘保名鷺娘(73分)
  • 寺子屋(89分)
  • 達陀二人椀久(84分)
  • 隅田川英執着獅子(87分)
  • 十種香建礼門院(117分)
  • ヤマトタケル(180分)
  • 一本刀土俵入(94分)
  • 勧進帳(モノクロ)(77分)


  • 仮名手本忠臣蔵(大序三段目四段目)(道行五段目六段目)(七段目)(九段目十一段目)
  • 黒塚
  • 助六由縁江戸桜
  • 新皿屋舗月雨暈 魚屋宗五郎茨木
  • 曽我綉侠御所染 御所五郎蔵
  • 壇浦兜軍記 阿古屋
  • 雷神不動北山桜 毛抜鳴神
  • 極付幡随長兵衛
  • 伊賀越道中双六 沼津
  • 慙紅葉汗顔見勢 伊達の十役
  • 義経千本桜 渡海屋大物浦
  • 梶原平三誉石切 石切梶原
  • 棒しばり年増供奴
  • 祗園祭礼信仰記 金閣寺


  • 心中紙屋治兵衛 河庄
  • 豊後道成寺 うかれ坊主 女伊達
  • 菅原伝授手習鑑 車引賀の祝
  • 一谷嫩軍記 陣門組打
  • 雪暮夜入谷畦道
  • 伽羅先代萩
  • 盲長屋梅加賀鳶
  • 女殺油地獄
  • 一條大蔵譚
  • 近江源氏先陣館 盛綱陣屋
  • 奴道成寺 喜撰
  • 積恋雪関扉
  • 梅雨小袖昔八丈 髪結新三
  • 与話情浮名横櫛 ~木更津海岸見染の場~ ~源氏店の場~
  • 歌舞伎十八番の内 暫 歌舞伎十八番の内 外郎売
  • 歌舞伎名作撰 猿之助四十八撰の内 當世流小栗判官
  • 京鹿子娘二人道成寺 ~道行より鐘入りまで~

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