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About InfoHawk+

Information and answers about InfoHawk+

Updating Persistent Links

Instructions for changing permalinks

After July 15, you’ll need to replace all links you have published that point to UI Libraries’ holdings. This includes links in ICON (both Canvas courses and D2L courses older than two years), published works, bibliographic citations, etc. Please contact your UI Libraries departmental liaison for individual advice and assistance 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Do not make permalink changes until AFTER July 15, 2016.
  • For any course that has been active within the last 2 years, permalinks will be changed by the UI Libraries.  
  • For courses that have NOT been active within the last 2 years, the Libraries will notify faculty, asking that faculty make the permalink changes in ICON.
  • The UI Libraries cannot do a search and replace in Canvas to change permalinks.  This includes new Canvas courses, and the two years worth of ICON (D2L) courses that have been imported to Canvas.

warning-iconBefore you go on - You may find it more efficient to look up the item you link to in InfoHawk+ and simply create a new link for yourself rather than edit your existing links. 

Old Smart Search Links:

Permalinks in SmartSearch look like this:

and can be replaced with Infohawk+ links that look like:,contains,004793363

Replace aleph number as appropriate.

Old InfoHawk Links:

For links to Course Reserve reading lists (NOTE:  Replace course number as appropriate):



For a direct link to a particular record in InfoHawk (NOTE: Replace record id as appropriate):



New Search Coming!

The University of Iowa Libraries is introducing a new way to access library resources and materials. In July 2016, we will switch to a new library management system, and InfoHawk+ is the new public search interface it supports. InfoHawk+ will replace our longstanding interfaces InfoHawk, InfoLink, and Smart Search.

Why change?

A number of factors have gone into our decision to invest in a new system. Chief among them is that our current library software is 16 years old and no longer meets the needs of Libraries patrons and staff.

Because InfoHawk+ combines the best features of our current interfaces and updates their more cumbersome features, it will deliver clear access to our holdings and resources, with the primary aim of supporting research, instruction, and learning at the university. The Libraries acknowledges the support of the Office of the Provost and ITS in making this important upgrade possible.

What can InfoHawk+ help me find?

In addition to searching our library holdings, InfoHawk+ will also search other information resources. Examples include Iowa Research Online, selected major databases in a diverse set of academic disciplines, and items unique to the UI Libraries that, thanks to our recent efforts in digital preservation, are globally accessible, like those in our Iowa Digital Collections.

Flexible search & discovery options

You will find a number of ways to search, including:

  • Single-resource searches—You will continue to have the option of searching an individual database or other electronic resource.
  • Broad searches—We anticipate you will find it convenient and intuitive to use InfoHawk+ to compile searches into a single set of results.
  • Filtered searchesInfoHawk+ features a number of filters and advanced search options that will allow you to cast a wide net and then hone in, quickly and efficiently, on specific items within a comprehensive set of search results.
  • Searches leading to discovery—Using InfoHawk+, you will still find items such as books, journals, videos, and music, but you will also be able to discover resources that traditional catalog interfaces struggle to cover well, such as our subject guides (core resources for disciplines) and direct links to specific articles within journals.

We know that changes to such an essential service as a library catalog interface can be disruptive. As this process continues, it is our priority to keep you well-informed and to offer convenient ways for you to tell us what you think along the way. Please keep an eye out for updates from us as we work toward implementing InfoHawk+, and please be in touch with any questions you may have. We’ll be grateful to hear from you.