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Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies: Qu'ran

Resources for students in RELS:1130:0AAA Introduction to Islamic Civilization


Oxford Islamic Studies Online has a section for Qur'anic Studies. It provides two English translations that can be viewed singly or side by side.

Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an is an online encyclopedic dictionary of qu'ranic terms, concepts, persons, cultural history, and exegesis.

Early Western Korans Online is a collection of editions and translations printed in Europe in the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries in Arabic, Latin, and European languages indicative of European curiosity about a text that was the foundation of "an empire which in less than a century spread itself over a greater part of the world than the Romans were ever masters of" (George Sale, preface to The Koran commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed (London, 1734).

For Background

In Very Short Introductions:

     Malise Ruthven, Islam, 2nd ed.

     Jonathan A. C. Brown, Muhammad

     Michael Cook, The Koran

     Peter Adamson, Philosophy in the Islamic World


Books and Articles

"Koran" and "Qu'ran" are both used in subject headings in InfoHawk for books about the Qu'ran's history, interpretation, and relationship to all aspects of life in Islam. The older spelling, Koran, retrieves the most titles. Either term can be used in combination with other subject words to refine a search by selecting "Keyword in Subject" for search type. Using "Islam" as a subject term retrieves titles oriented toward social contexts more broadly. For example, a search on "koran" and "family" as subject terms does not get a result; "islam" and "family" retrieves 34 titles.  

ATLA Religion Database focuses on journal articles and essays in publications in religious studies.