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These are indexes that focus on
scholarship in history. 

L'Annee Philologique is the basic bibliographic source international scholarship on every aspect of Greek and Roman civilization. Its coverage does run two to three years behind the current year.

The International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) covers scholarly work on the European Middle Ages from about 450 CE to !500 CE. It includes work published in essay collections as well as journals.

Historical Abstracts offers coverage of European countries as well as the rest of the world outside the Americas from 1450 on. It includes abstracts of articles as well as citations, without abstracts, of books and dissertations.

 Academic Search Elite indexes literature in a number of disciplines but is updated frequently. Historical Abstracts and L'Annee philologique can be simultaneously by selecting them from the Choose Databases menu.

Handbooks and Encyclopedias

There are numerous encyclopedias, companions, and handbooks covering countries, topics, and periods in European history. The following online resources are conveniently accessible but by no means the only ones.

Cambridge Histories Online is a collection of very detailed, multivolume histories organized by periods, geography, and topics. Contributors are recognized scholars in their fields. Cambridge Histories is an ongoing series with new titles added to the database as they are published. Each contribution ends with a bibliography

Brill's New Pauly is the English translation of a standard German guide to ancient history.

The Encyclopedia of Ancient History offers recent scholarship on the ancient Mediterranean world including the Near East and Egypt.

The Oxford Classical Dictionary is the standard source for basic information on the ancient world.

The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages covers topics in the world of medieval Europeans, 500 to 1500, including the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic world.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World covers major developments in world history from 1750 onward. Entries include a short bibliography.

Oxford Handbooks Online: History are collections of contributions on selected topics. We do not have access to the entire collection, so to see what is accessible, select "Unlocked" under "Narrow Your Choices" in the left column.


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