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LRC Map Assignment: LRC Maps Assignment

Resources for the LRC Map Assignment.

Iowa City Renter Maps

Census Definitions

Each apartment in a building is a housing unit. Households (HH) are people living in each housing unit, e.g., a  4-plex apartment building contains 4 housing units and 4 households. Family households can be parent(s) and child(ren), and can also be childless households of opposite sex or same-sex couples, as long as they self-identify as spouses/couples. Non-family households are people living alone or with non-relatives, e.g., three roommates.


Maps are all shown by block group, a census term that includes multiple blocks.  The first map listed below has your potential block group outlined in green. Resize the PDF to 100% if necessary for the best view.

Maps Assignment


You are moving to Iowa City to begin graduate school in Urban and Regional Planning. From your dorm in Pittsburgh, you read about a one bedroom apartment at 626 Bowery  (just west around the corner of Dodge and Bowery). Rent is $800/month, plus utilities, with your own kitchen and bath, separate living area and separate bedroom, no garage.*


Since you know nothing about Iowa City, you’re not sure whether this is good or bad. To gather information from afar to make this rental decision, take a look at the maps on the sites below, as well as the census-based maps created in SimplyMap (box to the left). If you know other map sites that would help you make a decision, go ahead and use them also, but please share those sites with me. Go beyond Google or Bing!!   


Please answer this question in a brief essay:


Would you seriously consider renting this apartment? Why or why not? Keep your reasons narrowed to the information you gather from all the maps (and not your own personal knowledge).


Answering questions like these will help you articulate reasons why this is or is not a good deal:

Who lives in the neighborhood now? 

Do most people rent?  Does the rent look high or low or just about right?  

How is access to public transportation?  Would it be easy to bike to your classes in Jessup Hall?   

Is the neighborhood safe?  Is the neighborhood quiet?

What is the parking like on the streets around there?


Look at these map sites for additional help: