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HIST:3145 Europe & US in the 20th Century: Books

Guide for students in HIST:3145

Locating Books in the InfoHawk Catalog

Locating Sources – InfoHawk catalog:

Basic Search

  • Title beginning with…
  • Author beginning with…
  • Subject beginning with… (Browse list of Subject Headings-LCSH)
    Limitations to Subject beginning with…search
    • Subject headings are usually not intuitive
    • Restricted to structured subject headings
    • Geography and time period may be too specific
    • May not necessarily lead to primary sources

Advanced Search

  • Can be restricted to specific collections/units, formats, or languages
  • Allows for more flexibility yet more precision
  • Uses Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)
    • OR – allows any of the specified search terms to be present in the records of the items your search retrieves
    • AND - requires all of the specified search terms must be present in the records of the items your search retrieves
    • NOT – forbids specified search terms from being present in the records of the items your search retrieves

Keywords/Subject words you can use in combination with other search terms to locate primary sources the online catalog

  • autobiographies
  • documents/documentary
  • manuscripts
  • sources
  • correspondence
  • interviews
  • memoirs
  • memoirs

  • diaries
  • letters 
  • narratives  

Selected Reference Books

Subject Guide

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You aren't limited to what you can find at the University of Iowa Libraries. If you can't find what you need in InfoHawk, try Worldcat, a catalog with materials from thousands of libraries worldwide.Once you find what you need, you can request the book through our Interlibrary loan service.

Note: This is not for the procrastinator.You will need to allow at least a week for your request to be processed and the item shipped here from another location.

Google Books

Google Book Search

Request Materials

Interlibrary Loan/Article Delivery Request System

Request a book, photocopy of an article or book chapter, view/modify outstanding requests, renew checked out items, and view request history.